We offer a wide variety of services in general construction, from kitchens and bathrooms to attics to basements, deck installations to whole house renovations.  Whether you know exactly the look and features you want, or if you are a bit unsure and need design assistance, are are here to help.  Our goal is to achieve the look and feel in a space that is distinctively yours.   Woods Home Improvements has the tools to meet all your needs. 

We install new doors and windows, giving your home an inviting look from the moment you step onto your curb.  Can you see your new custom deck or garden shed?  We are here to make that happen for you.  We take pride in the fact that no job is too big or too small for us.  We’ll take just as much care in building your new flower box as the new sunroom you’ve been dreaming of.  We will create shelving that not only stores your art, books and other inportant treasures, but accentuates and complements the beauty of your home.  There is no limitation but the reach of your imagination!  

To get your project started, contact us at 708-488-9226 for free estimates and consultation.  

Kitchen Renovations

Of course, the kitchen may have the biggest impact of any remodeling project.  The kitchen represents hearth and home.  It evokes memories of those precious family times.  Beautiful new cabinets can have the biggest visual impact on the room.  With a choice of both open and closed designs popular now, the style of kitchen cabinets can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of the room.  Popular countertop options for kitchens include granite, marble, and tile.  Choices in flooring for your new kitchen also abound, from tile to luxury vinyl, and even wood.  Woods Home Improvements will help you plan and implement a room that is sure to delight.

Bathroom Remodels

Where would we be without the bathroom?  A quiet place for contemplation.   A place to soothing place to relax and unwind.  Let’s give it the attention it deserves.  Many Chicago-area homes are 20, 30, 40, or more years old.  Many times, the original bathroom and its fixtures are still in place.  Styles and tastes change.  Improvements in fixtures have resulted in more attractive and energy-efficient faucets and showers.  We can create a full bathroom renovation or just make some strategic updates for some added pizzazz.

Decks & Pergolas

 When you think of summer fun, you think of a beautiful backyard deck.  Using wood or man-made materials, we will take your yard from nice to spectacular.   Add a pergola, and you have an outdoor room, ready to enjoy.  Decks are a great place for group gatherings, individual relaxation, and seasonal recreation.  Decks can also add to your home’s property value as well as the landscape.  By building a well-thought-out deck, you’ll be making an investment in your home’s visual appeal, worth, and livability.

Porches & Stairs

Don’t forget the front yard.  The porch is what welcomes friends and family into your home.  Make it memorable!  A new set of stairs is not only functional but an important design element as well.  


Hardwood floors not only enhance the feel of your home, but will dramatically add to the value of your home.  Hardwood flooring is a top choice in floor-covering options.  Hardwoods are durable; properly installed and finished, they can last the life of a house.  They are easy to clean and refurbish, and they afford homeowners the opportunity to “go green”.  Whether you select a brand-new pre-finished floor, choose unfinished wood and have it finished on site to your specifications, or already have wood floors that just need to be refinished to bring back their luster, we can complete the job for you.  Your home is worth the investment.  

Brand new carpeting in your choice of color and style can quickly transform your home with its soft comfort and individual character.  Choose from our great selection and start enjoying the luxury and plush feel underfoot.  Installed in 60 to 70 percent of American homes, carpet assists with temperature control and serves as a sound damper.  With our expert installation and great customer service, you’ll appreciate the value we deliver.

Ceramic Tile can be a very cost-effective flooring material.  It has the advantage of being easy to maintain, and tile is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes.  This makes it easy to fit into any design plan, from Victorian to contemporary.  Ceramic tile is highly stain- and water-resistent, making it a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl has come a very long way!  We carry and install a lovely selection of luxury vinyl tile in planks and squares.  Really, you won’t believe how beautiful your home looks with a quality luxury vinyl.  We guarantee it.  

Custom Work

Have a space that needs that personal touch?  A corner that’s just begging for a space for books, display items, a home theater?  Maybe you need custom trim to match your home’s beautiful woodwork.  We can do that for you.  Bring us your ideas and drawings.  We’ll work together to give that unused area a place all its own.

Interior Painting

Make a statement with updated interior painting.  Nothing changes a room more quickly than new interior paint.  Homeowners should begin their search for the perfect color palette by considering a particular room’s purpose.  If it’s a space that serves as the main family room or a place to entertain guests, consider colors that are soothing and inviting.  If you’re planning to revamp a utilitarian space; such as a kitchen or bathroom, a golder, glossier color choice could make the room more memorable.  As you decide upon the right color scheme for you, view color samples in your own home whenever possible because home lighting is different from the lighting in a paint store.  Have fun with paint colors and choices.  We’re here to help!